Mitsubishi Electric Cools an English Tudor

Before John Gluszak moved his family into this charming 1935 English Tudor home in Middle Village, Queens, he promised that he would get air conditioning for his wife, Kathy. This “incredibly expensive fixer-upper” house only had one unsightly, loud and dripping thru-wall unit, and because he hated through-the-wall air conditioning, he started researching alternatives. Five different contractors were invited over to bid. Because the home lacked ductwork, he was going to have to lose a closet and run pipes through the basement for the central unit, requiring expense and installation time. Another ducted unit would have to be installed, in the attic to cool the second floor.

A Much Better Idea

One of the contractors, however, had a far more innovative solution for Gluszak’s needs. From experience with a prior home, Gluszak was familiar with the great reputation of Japanese products, like Panasonic. However, he understood that Mitsubishi Electric had been in the split-ductless business in Asia and Europe for many more years than its competitors. The contractor he selected, Paul Hamel, Iceberg Mechanical, Inc., Brooklyn, was a Mitsubishi Diamond Dealer. Not only was Hamel’s bid less expensive, he would be able to install the split-ductless system from Mitsubishi Electric Cooling and Heating Solutions, Suwanee, Ga., in a matter of a few days.

Nothing Less than Spectacular Results

The decision was a no-brainer. Hamel made the bid on April 8, 2004 and the family moved in a week later. Hamel started the job on May 6 and it was completed before Memorial Day. The results have been nothing less than spectacular.

“We couldn’t be happier,” Gluszak says. “The day the system was installed, I was walking from the garage to the house and saw the fan blades moving in the outdoor units, neatly hidden behind the dramatic English Tudor turret. I thought it was the wind, but the units were actually in operation! I couldn’t believe it was so quiet! When I reached the house, it was actually freezing inside.

“The great quietness of this system is only one of the many benefits we have discovered. Another thing I find incredible is the Mitsubishi Electric INVERTER compressor technology that allows us to cool (and heat) only those spaces in the house we desire. This is a great energy saver. This system also allows us to heat the house in the winter, something none of the other ductless systems could do. In fact, with multiple units, the INVERTER compressor can simultaneously heat one room and cool another, so we have individual controls in each room.”

Curious Neighbors Drop In to Listen to the Quiet

“A few days ago, my neighbor, whose air- conditioning units we can hear clanking and chattering all day long, was so impressed that he dropped by to see how he could learn more about this system I had purchased—one which he could neither hear nor see from the outside. We even get people ringing the bell and asking what kind of system it is and who installed it.”